Hardwired Unit (VTX-5)

The VTX-5 Is Our Premiere Vehicle Tracking Device - Hardwired Into Any Vehicle (12 VDC) - It Will Track Positions Every 5 or 10 Seconds. When Wired With Relays - You Can Also Unlock Doors, Disable Vehicle's Starter, Honk Horn, and Monitor A PTO. Complete With Web Based Reporting System For 1-1000 Vehicles.

When You Simply Need To Know...

Do you know where your vehicle(s) and drivers locations are at any given time? When did your employees arrive at a jobsite or delivery location? What time did your employees start/end their shift? How long did they take for lunch? How long were they stopped at a particular location? If your employees take your company vehicles home, are they doing any unauthorized driving? Were your company vehicles excessively idling? If so, for how long? Are your vehicles going to places your forbid? Are your vehicles speeding?

The VTX-5 Effectively Monitors & Records All Driver Activity. You Will Be Able To View Live Vehicle Data, Historical Data, As Well As Run A Number Of Key Vehicle Reports That Will Leave No Question Unanswered... If you are a business owner: This may be the most important reason why you should invest in the VTX-5. It's all about your Return On Investment. You will begin to realize the benefits of the VTX-5 immediately. Extra overtime and payroll expenses, deceptive abuse of company time, excessive wear and tear on your vehicles, as well as unecessary and uncontrollable fuel charges, Will Be Eliminated!

Recommended Uses For The VTX-5:

  • Business Owners - Secure, Optimize And Make Improvements To Your Company's Bottom Line
  • Service Companies: HVAC, Plumbing Enhance Customer Service
  • First Responders: Police, Paramedics, Security Companies Effecient Dispatching
  • Parents Of Teen Drivers
  • Trucking Companies - Know Precisely Where Cargo Is At All Times
  • Family - Keep Your Family Safe & Secure

Easy To Use Web Based System NO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL...Whether You Are Nine Or Ninety!
Immediately upon logging in to our system you will see your vehicle's current position on a satellite hybrid map. Roll your mouse to zoom in closer - Get even closer and with the push of a button (Bird's Eye View) - view in stunning high definition your vehicles position overlayed on an actual AERIAL IMAGE. Move your mouse over your vehicle and see if your vehicle's ignition is on or off, current speed, and even direction of travel.

Get All These Reports:

  • Standard Report/Enhanced Data Report
  • Start/Stop Reports - See Dates/Times/Location Duration Of Stop
  • Stop Start Based On Ignition Or Movement
  • Vapor Trail Report
  • State To State Mileage
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Excessive Idling
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Vehicle Operating Report
  • Ignition Based Stop/Start
  • PTO Report
  • Speeding Report

Plus All These Features: State-Of-The-Art Web Based Live GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Integrated With Microsoft's Virutal Earth Mapping System. Our Complete System Will Allow You To:

  • Monitor Your Vehicles From Any Web Enabled Computer
  • Watch Your Vehicles Live - Know Current Speed, Direction Of Travel & Location
  • Group Vehicles By Region, etc.
  • Receive Speed & Boundary Alerts To Any E-mail Or Cellphone Via Text Messaging
  • Record PTO activations
  • Panic Button Enabled (Can be used to record employee time in/out)
  • Lock/Unlock Doors
  • Enable/Disable Starter
  • Honk Vehicle Horn
  • Remote Start

How It Works:M

There are 24 Global Positioning System satellites circling the earth. The VTX-5 captures this information from up to 16 of these GPS satellites. With this data, we are able to calculate EXACT positions, speed and direction of travel. In a matter of seconds, the VTX-5 processes this information and securely streams the data wirelessly back to our web servers - where you can view it LIVE from any computer with internet access. The VTX-5 works throughout North America, South America and most countries and continents around the world. In the United States we transmit data on the AT&T Edge/3G all digital data wireless network.

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