GPS Products

Hardwired Unit (VTX-5)

The VTX-5 Is Our Premiere Vehicle Tracking Device - Hardwired Into Any Vehicle (12 VDC) - It Will Track Positions Every 5 or 10 Seconds. When Wired With Relays - You Can Also Unlock Doors, Disable Vehicle's Starter, Honk Horn, and Monitor A PTO.

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Portable Unit (PT-X5)

The PT-X5 GPS Tracker is the Simply Amazing!! Unlike Other GPS trackers that update in minutes, the PT-X5 UPDATES Every 10 Seconds when Traveling Over 10 mph - or Every 20 feet when walking!!

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Co-Pilot (X5)

Get the X5 Co-Pilot today to improve your communications, make your business more efficient, and never get lost again! X5 Co-Pilot breaks through the one-dimensional features of traditional GPS devices.

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