GPS Tracking For Children

As a parent your child's safety and well being is perhaps your greatest concern. Our personal GPS tracking devices are perfect to use for tracking and monitoring your children. Our devices are extremely small, and can easily be placed or inserted into a child's pocket, jacket or backpack. Our GPS child tracking devices can be covertly placed in items such as a child's stroller, allowing you to verify and monitor your child's location.

Consolidated Safety of Acadiana recommends the PT-X5 for GPS Child Tracking applications. Here is why:

The PT-X5 streams live data when it is on the move. It updates positions every 20' or every 10 seconds when speed exceeds 10 mph, you can literally watch the PT-X5 moves across your computer screen as it updates, from any web enabled computer.

When not moving, the PT-X5 goes to sleep, to conserve battery power. From the web portal, you can view exactly how much battery life remains. You can also have the PT-X5 report via text message and/or email whenever it enters or exits up to 20 zones you place designate on the web interface.

The PT-X5 is compact and very slim. It can be placed in backpack or even a stroller with no problems.

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